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The Master Baker.

Established provider of baking ingredients to households since 1973.

About Us

Providing baking ingredients to households since 1973, Cereal Products focuses on raw material sourcing, processing, packaging and exporting of products.

Our main products are semolina, custard powder and corn flour, which are sold locally and being exported to ASEAN and other countries including UAE, Qatar, Somaliland, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

4825 Jalan Permatang Pauh,
13400 Butterworth, P.W. Malaysia

The UMF Group of Companies

United Malayan Flour consists of 4 entities - United Malayan Flour, Federal Oats Mills, Cereal Products and Khong Guan Vegetable Oil Refinery.

United Malayan Flour Logo

United Malayan Flour (1996) Sdn. Bhd.

199101006236 (216546-T)

The parent company.

Federal Oats Mills Sdn Bhd Logo

Federal Oats Mills Sdn. Bhd.

196501000388 (6187-T)

Subsidiary to UMF, supplier of a wide array of oat products to businesses and industries worldwide.

Khong Guan Vegetable Oil Refinery Sdn Bhd logo

Khong Guan Vegetable Oil Refinery Sdn. Bhd.

196401000389 (5692-U)

Subsidiary to UMF, household consumable oils distribution.

Our Advantage

Equipped with cutting edge R&D laboratories, another business segment of our company support businesses to develop new cereal related products. Besides, we also provide contract manufacturing and outsourced packaging service for cereal and baking ingredients.

We add value to product, i.e. heating process for semolina to increase shelf life.
Stringent packaging process for all items with product performance test and clear traceability.
Cutting edge technology and R&D specialists support businesses to develop new cereal related products.
Researching and Developing Flour
Researching and Developing Flour